Saturday, 14 February 2015


So after having looked at corsetry and the historical aspect of my project, I have begun to explore how modern day fashion manipulates the body.
This led me to look at how fashion clings to the body, such as Hervé Léger's body con garments, but also in a more experimental way. Body con was first popularised in the 70s as a "second skin" trend and has continued in fashion since. Léger is most famous for his bandage dress, which got me thinking about how this constricts the body and creates an image of entrapment at the same time as appreciating the natural body form. 
I have made a couple of mood boards, shown below, which express two different extremes of my research and development. The first demonstrates how fashion in nudes and sheers can reveal and set free the body and the other shows a darker side with bondage-like aesthetics and entrapment within fashion.

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