Friday, 10 April 2015


After having explored how fashion can physically manipulate and restrict the body, I decided to look into how fashion can be used to distort the body with no great pressure or force applied. 
Therefore, I shot a short film documenting the ways that different fabrics interacted with the human form- how they draped, clung, hid and warped around the body.
Below are a few stills from the film that I think best illustrate the theme and idea I was aiming for.

Saturday, 4 April 2015


To accompany the CrissX merchandise I have created an advertisement campaign, which reflects the style of the brand and the type of woman it is aimed at.
I chose three different body con dresses for the shoot, which flowed together due to the colour scheme of red and black. I wanted the shoot to show a young woman on her way for a night out blurring the lines between sophisticated and sassy. 
I am pleased with the outcomes and have also Photoshopped the ads into real-life situations such as buses and billboards shown below.